Jeff Chilton on Fat Burning Mane

Fat Burning Man with Abel James

Listen to Jeff speak with Abel James of Fat Burning Man. In this episode they discuss:

  • Mushrooms as food and why you should add more mushrooms to your diet
  • The medicinal power of mushrooms
  • What look to for with medicinal mushroom supplements
  • Why certain supplements aren’t made from mushrooms and actually contain high amounts of grain
  • The reishi challenge. Is your reishi product bitter?
  • Testing your mushroom supplement for starch with iodine
  • Vitamin D and mushrooms

For the full audio, video and transcript, head over to Fat Burning Man.

Optimal Performance with Ryan Munsey

Jeff discusses mushrooms and mushroom supplements on the Optimal Performance Podcast with Ryan Munsey of Natural Stacks.

In it Jeff and Ryan discuss the following:

  • what most people don’t know about medicinal mushroom products
  • why beta-glucans are a key quality measurement of any mushroom product
  • how mushroom supplements are different than mushrooms as food
  • how to test your mushroom product for the presence of starch
  • why polysaccharides tests are completely meaningless
  • the economics around mushroom growing and why U.S. companies can’t grow mushrooms for use in supplements

Full show notes, audio and video.

Yoga Talk Show with Lucas Rockwood

Jeff discussed mushrooms with Lucas Rockwood of Yoga Body Naturals on the Yoga Talk Show.

In it they discussed the following:

  • Why you should be eating mushrooms regularly
  • Why fungal mycelium is not a great source for food or nutrition
  • How poor quality mushroom supplements can be high in grains and starch
  • How to use iodine to test for starch in your mushroom product
  • Why “made in USA” is actually not the best choice
  • Why the majority of all mushrooms are grown in China

Full show notes and audio.

The Vital Way with Logan Christopher

Jeff discusses mushrooms with Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herbs on The Vital Way Podcast. In this episode they discuss:

  •  The Difference between mushrooms and mycelium on grain
  • Using an iodine starch test at home to determine starch presence in a mushroom product
  • Beta-Glucans being a signature compounds in mushrooms that should be measured for quality
  • The difference in polysaccharides and why they aren’t created equal (hint: starch)
  • What is an adequate dosage
  • How “Feeling” mushrooms can be hard to quantify
  • Mushroom Fiber and its Prebiotic Effects
  • How the mushroom cell walls (chitin) effect bioavailability of active compounds
  • Triterpenes and their effects
  • Why Alcohol Extraction is need to obtain certain beneficial compounds
  • Ergosterol and using UV light to convert ergosterol to Vitamin D2
  • And Much More

Listen to the full episode and show notes over at Lost Empire Herbs.

Jeff on the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Jeff is back again with another great podcast on the Ben Greenfield Fitness show, one of the top Health & Fitness podcast on iTunes. In it they discuss:

  • add mushrooms to your coffee
  • mushrooms as food vs medicine
  • mushroom product quality
  • at home starch test for mushroom products
  • and much more.

Click here to listen.

The Human BluPrint Podcast

Jeff recently spoke on the The Human BluPrint Podcast and covered almost everything you need to know about mushrooms, mushroom cultivation, mushroom supplements and quality control issues. This was a very lengthy in-depth 2 hours talk that was split into 2 parts. Part 1 can be found here. Part 2 can be found here.

Bulletproof Radio
with Dave Asprey

Jeff appeared on medicinal mushrooms and product quality. Watch the full conversation below with Jeff and Dave.