Wholesale Application

Partner with Nammex on Your Next Mushroom Product

Who Nammex Works With

Nammex is an organic mushroom extract ingredient supplier to health and wellness companies who use our extracts in their branded retail products.

We strictly work with other businesses.

Outside of the United States and Canada? 

If you are outside of the United States and Canada, please contact our international distributor, Garuda International. They handle all of our international orders and inquiries.

Looking for Retail Products?

If you are a consumer looking for a retail mushroom product, please see our retail partner Real Mushrooms, who uses all of our extract ingredients in their products.


Real Mushrooms also offers practitioner wholesale accounts to qualified practitioners. Their products are 100% Nammex Mushrooms.

Want to learn more about mushroom products?

See our Mushroom Education section, our White Paper, our 10 Questions to ask about your Mushroom Product and many of our podcasts.

Requests for Samples

Samples will only be sent to qualified companies and shipping costs must be paid up front. Please start by submitting the form below.

Pricing Inquiries

All pricing inquiries must be submitted through the form below.

Lead Times

Typically order processing time is 3-10 business days. While we aim to keep all products in stock to meet existing demand, there can be periods of shortages.

Application Requirements

We receive many requests to purchase our products and in order to protect the integrity of our valued customers, we have established the following parameters for opening new accounts.

Make sure you qualify by meeting ALL of the requirements listed below.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  1. Your company must be an established and active business.
  2. You must have a live website for your business. Domains that are under construction, coming soon, N/A are not applicable.
  3. Two trade references or supplier invoices specific to your business.
  4. Our MOQ of $1,000 USD per order must be met.

Please complete this online application ONLY if you meet the above qualifications.

If you don’t meet all of our qualifications at this time, alternative options are to source Nammex ingredients from our retail partner, Real Mushrooms or source our products through a contract manufacturer as you build your new business.


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