Organically Certified Mushrooms since 1993

Healthy Products – Healthy Environment

A message from Nammex founder, Jeff Chilton

Since 1993, Nammex has been producing certified organic mushroom products. Organic certification requires adherence to an ethic that recognizes the importance of toxin-free production of food products. NAMMEX supports this ethic and promotes organically grown mushrooms as the surest way to realize the full potential of these products. Certified organic mushrooms have multiple benefits: as herbal medicine that is free of harmful chemicals and as sustainable agricultural crops that are grown without damaging the environment.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality mushroom extracts and do so in a manner that promotes the well being of the planet and all of its inhabitants. We strive to accomplish this by growing mushrooms the way nature intended. The way you and your customers expect and in harmony with the values that we share.