The Vital Way with Logan Christopher

Jeff discusses mushrooms with Logan Christopher of Lost Empire Herbs on The Vital Way Podcast. In this episode they discuss:

  •  The Difference between mushrooms and mycelium on grain
  • Using an iodine starch test at home to determine starch presence in a mushroom product
  • Beta-Glucans being a signature compounds in mushrooms that should be measured for quality
  • The difference in polysaccharides and why they aren’t created equal (hint: starch)
  • What is an adequate dosage
  • How “Feeling” mushrooms can be hard to quantify
  • Mushroom Fiber and its Prebiotic Effects
  • How the mushroom cell walls (chitin) effect bioavailability of active compounds
  • Triterpenes and their effects
  • Why Alcohol Extraction is need to obtain certain beneficial compounds
  • Ergosterol and using UV light to convert ergosterol to Vitamin D2
  • And Much More

Listen to the full episode and show notes over at Lost Empire Herbs.