Press Releases from Nammex

Nammex Achieves a Breakthrough in Mushroom Cultivation

Cultivated Turkey Tail is Available for the First Time After three years of research and development, Nammex – an organic mushroom extract ingredient supplier – has achieved a breakthrough: Close to 80 tons of fresh Trametes versicolor, commonly known as turkey tail, have been cultivated and harvested for commercial purposes this year. With that, Nammex […]

Nammex Testing Protocol Presented at Medicinal Mushroom Conference

Mushroom scientists from around the world gathered in Nantong, China, from September 19th-23rd, 2019, at the most recent ISMM conference on medicinal mushrooms. Sessions were divided into multiple categories: Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Nutritional and Medicinal Values, Biodiversity and Ethnomycology, and Cultivation.   Jeff Chilton, founder of Nammex, elaborated upon his previous presentation at the International […]

United States Pharmacopeia research study confirms lack of triterpenes and beta-glucans in many Reishi products

In August, 2017, Nature, the worlds most cited scientific journal, published in its Scientific Reports an important analytical study about Reishi mushroom products. United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) sponsored this project with a leading mushroom scientist from China, Dr. Li Shao-ping. In their research, 19 different Reishi mushroom products sold in the USA were tested […]

Nammex Beta-glucan Research Highlights 2016 International Society for Mushroom Science Conference

Jeff Chilton, President of Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts, recently presented his groundbreaking beta-glucan research in Amsterdam to the International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS), a worldwide organization of which he has been a member for 40 years. Held every four years, ISMS presents current research from around the globe on all aspects of mushrooms: genetics, […]

New to North America: Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Extracts

Jeff Chilton, President of Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts, is excited to announce that Nammex now has a reliable ongoing supply of genuine, organically certified, Cordyceps militaris mushroom extracts. At an affordable price. Wildcrafted Cordyceps sinensis is a legendary Chinese medicinal mushroom that has traditionally been recommended for a broad range of applications including low energy […]

Canadian Company Challenges North American Industry They Helped Found

Jeff Chilton, President of Nammex Organic Mushroom Extracts is shaking up the medicinal mushroom supplement business that he helped found over 25 years ago. Nammex is a producer of medicinal mushroom extracts that they supply as raw materials to the booming medicinal mushroom supplement industry, which was last tracked in 2014 as a $18 Billion […]

Medicinal Mushroom Pioneer Challenges Mycelium Potency

With over forty years in the mushroom industry, Jeff Chilton knows the science of mushrooms. In fact, the Nammex founder helped pioneer the now rapidly expanding market for medicinal mushrooms. But Mr. Chilton is concerned that the common practice of growing mycelium on a grain medium – a methodology which Jeff helped popularize in the […]