Flower lounge Podcast with Jeff Chilton

FlowerLounge Podcast

Jeff speaks with Katie Hess about medicinal mushrooms on the FlowerLounge Podcast.

Full show notes.

Veggie Doctor Radio with Jeff Chilton

Veggie Doctor Radio

Jeff talks mushrooms with Dr. Yami on the Veggie Doctor Radio podcast.

Be Naturally Brilliant with Jeff Chilton

Be Brilliant Naturally with Charis Lindrooth

Charis Lindrooth is an herbalist, chiropractor and community organizer who shares her wisdom about natural and sustainable health and wellness. In this episode, Charis and Jeff dive into medicinal mushrooms and many of the quality control issues that effect our industry.

An Organic Conversation Jeff Chilton

An Organic Conversation with Helge Hellberg

An Organic Conversation™ (AOC™) is a global media company dedicated to educate and inspire its audience on healthy living, organic food, green solutions, and sustainability.

Founded by Helge Hellberg, a leader in the organic food movement and an advocate for mindful living, AOC is the trusted source for information and education that makes a healthy, green lifestyle easy and accessible. AOC is creating and curating positive and inviting content through a Language of Possibility®.

In this episode Jeff talks mushroom benefits with Helge. Watch the full episode here.

Vegetable Gardening Grow Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton

The Vegetable Gardening Show with Mike Podlesny

Jeff talks mushroom growing with Mike Podlesny on the Vegetable Gardening Show.

In the show they discuss:

  • Jeff’s mushroom growing experience
  • Jeff’s book on mushroom growing, The Mushroom Cultivator
  • The conditions needed for mushroom growing
  • The different varieties of mushrooms and which ones grow best
  • How Jeff likes to cook his mushrooms
  • The nutritional value of mushrooms and why you should be eating them
  • How mushrooms are used medicinally
  • And much more…

If you’re interested in growing mushrooms, this episode is a great start as well as Jeff’s book.

Holistic Health & Human Potential with Jeff Chilton

Holistic Health and Human Potential with Ronnie Landis

Join Ronnie Landis and Jeff while they discuss:

  • Jeff’s passion for mycology
  • Mushrooms and their benefits
  • Using food as medicine
  • bitterness and its value in foods
  • Mushrooms and their role in our forrests
  • The mushroom lifecycle
  • Mushrooms as food vs. mushrooms as supplements
  • How some mushroom products are mostly starch
  • What to look for in a medicinal mushroom supplement

Listen to the full episode with Ronnie over on the Holistic Health and Human Potential Podcast.

Qiological Podcast with Jeff Chilton

Qiological with Michael Max

Jeff discusses medicinal mushrooms with Michael Max of the Yong Kang Chinese Medicine Clinic. In the episode they discuss:

  • Jeff’s history and how he discovered mushrooms
  • What are Cordyceps
  • What testing is involved for mushrooms
  • What are the important polysaccharides in mushrooms
  • Triterpenoids – what are they?
  • What are the different types of reishi mushrooms
  • How to prepare and consume mushrooms
  • What to look for when you buy medicinal mushroom products

Listen to the full episode over at the Qiological Podcast with Michael Max.