Jeff talks immunity and mushrooms in Nutraceuticals World

In a recent article in Nutraceuticals World that focuses on immunity issues, author Alan Richman interviews Jeff about the role mushrooms play in keeping people healthy. Jeff believes that finding balance and reaching a state of homeostasis is the key to good health. When we are in harmony with our surroundings we are resonating in a functionally healthy manner. We live in a symbiosis with many other organisms and discovering the balance point brings benefits to all and creates a harmonious life. It is not a battle to stay well but a matter of positive choices and beneficial relationships. Medicinal mushrooms are the premier adaptogens, a term that expresses these concepts.
Jeff also clearly discusses the importance of analysis in quality control and how recent testing methods have revolutionized the medicinal mushroom market. Companies now have a clear choice that can be based on the active beta-glucans that medicinal mushrooms are famous for and that scientific research has validated.