Forgotten Food Groups with Matthew Walrath

Jeff discusses mushrooms with Matthew Walrath on the Beyond Macros Podcast.

In the episode they discuss:

  • The different plant parts of these fungi
  • The nutritional value of mushrooms
  • The different compounds that can be found in edible mushrooms.
  • Why not all mushrooms are similar.
  • The medicinal compounds in mushrooms.
  • How different mushrooms have different levels of active compounds.
  • The benefits of the beta glucans and triterpenes found in mushrooms.
  • How mushrooms can have some acute effects when taking in higher doses.
  • What extract will provide the most benefit at the lowest cost over time.
  • A quick caveat about when to eat mushrooms as a food and when to take it as an extract.
  • Jeff’s recommendations for how to cook mushrooms.
  • Jeff talks about some of his favorite Japanese mushrooms.

Check out the full episode on the Beyond Macros Podcast.