Medicinal Mushrooms Still Have Quality Issues: Interview by NutraIngredients-USA Science Editor Stephen Daniels

The North American medicinal mushroom market is expanding and Nammex is at the forefront. Because most health product companies understand green herbs but not mushrooms, much of what Nammex does is educational. Stephen Daniels discusses with Jeff the current issues facing the mushroom market and what role Nammex has played in the new trends in mushroom quality control.

After three years of detailed analysis of medicinal mushroom products, Nammex has developed a Fingerprinting Method for quality control of mushroom products. Our method is reshaping the current industry and helping drive awareness of the need for greater focus on defining product quality.

Jeff’s analytical initiative, starting with his groundbreaking White Paper, Redefining Medicinal Mushrooms, has rocked the industry all the way up to the American Herbal Products Association. AHPA, at the urging of new member companies, reviewed labeling claims and came up with a policy to help stem the confusion caused by mycelium on grain producers calling their products mushrooms. Stephen unpacks this policy initiative and other issues with Jeff and discusses what it ultimately means for businesses and end users.

We value the scientific basis for Stephen’s editorial focus and appreciate the time he took to discuss these issues with Jeff.

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