Vegetable Gardening Grow Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton

The Vegetable Gardening Show with Mike Podlesny

Jeff talks mushroom growing with Mike Podlesny on the Vegetable Gardening Show.

In the show they discuss:

  • Jeff’s mushroom growing experience
  • Jeff’s book on mushroom growing, The Mushroom Cultivator
  • The conditions needed for mushroom growing
  • The different varieties of mushrooms and which ones grow best
  • How Jeff likes to cook his mushrooms
  • The nutritional value of mushrooms and why you should be eating them
  • How mushrooms are used medicinally
  • And much more…

If you’re interested in growing mushrooms, this episode is a great start as well as Jeff’s book.

Holistic Health & Human Potential with Jeff Chilton

Holistic Health and Human Potential with Ronnie Landis

Join Ronnie Landis and Jeff while they discuss:

  • Jeff’s passion for mycology
  • Mushrooms and their benefits
  • Using food as medicine
  • bitterness and its value in foods
  • Mushrooms and their role in our forrests
  • The mushroom lifecycle
  • Mushrooms as food vs. mushrooms as supplements
  • How some mushroom products are mostly starch
  • What to look for in a medicinal mushroom supplement

Listen to the full episode with Ronnie over on the Holistic Health and Human Potential Podcast.

Qiological Podcast with Jeff Chilton

Qiological with Michael Max

Jeff discusses medicinal mushrooms with Michael Max of the Yong Kang Chinese Medicine Clinic. In the episode they discuss:

  • Jeff’s history and how he discovered mushrooms
  • What are Cordyceps
  • What testing is involved for mushrooms
  • What are the important polysaccharides in mushrooms
  • Triterpenoids – what are they?
  • What are the different types of reishi mushrooms
  • How to prepare and consume mushrooms
  • What to look for when you buy medicinal mushroom products

Listen to the full episode over at the Qiological Podcast with Michael Max.

Real Herbalism Radio with Sue Sierralupe

Jeff discusses mushrooms with Candace Hunter and Sue Sierralupé on Real Herbalism Radio. Candace and Sue do a follow up episodes on mushrooms as well which you can listen to here.

Forgotten Food Groups with Matthew Walrath

Jeff discusses mushrooms with Matthew Walrath on the Beyond Macros Podcast.

In the episode they discuss:

  • The different plant parts of these fungi
  • The nutritional value of mushrooms
  • The different compounds that can be found in edible mushrooms.
  • Why not all mushrooms are similar.
  • The medicinal compounds in mushrooms.
  • How different mushrooms have different levels of active compounds.
  • The benefits of the beta glucans and triterpenes found in mushrooms.
  • How mushrooms can have some acute effects when taking in higher doses.
  • What extract will provide the most benefit at the lowest cost over time.
  • A quick caveat about when to eat mushrooms as a food and when to take it as an extract.
  • Jeff’s recommendations for how to cook mushrooms.
  • Jeff talks about some of his favorite Japanese mushrooms.

Check out the full episode on the Beyond Macros Podcast.

The No Diet Podcast with Mark Ritz

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Jeff’s journey into the mountains of Mexico
  • Jeff walking around trade shows in 1989 when no one knew what medicinal mushrooms were
  • the different types of species of mushrooms and their benefits
  • how to shop for mushrooms
  • how Nammex grows mushrooms
  • how Jeff drinks his coffee with mushrooms
  • why reishi should taste bitter

Full Episode

Jeff Chilton on Fat Burning Mane

Fat Burning Man with Abel James

Listen to Jeff speak with Abel James of Fat Burning Man. In this episode they discuss:

  • Mushrooms as food and why you should add more mushrooms to your diet
  • The medicinal power of mushrooms
  • What look to for with medicinal mushroom supplements
  • Why certain supplements aren’t made from mushrooms and actually contain high amounts of grain
  • The reishi challenge. Is your reishi product bitter?
  • Testing your mushroom supplement for starch with iodine
  • Vitamin D and mushrooms

For the full audio, video and transcript, head over to Fat Burning Man.

Optimal Performance with Ryan Munsey

Jeff discusses mushrooms and mushroom supplements on the Optimal Performance Podcast with Ryan Munsey of Natural Stacks.

In it Jeff and Ryan discuss the following:

  • what most people don’t know about medicinal mushroom products
  • why beta-glucans are a key quality measurement of any mushroom product
  • how mushroom supplements are different than mushrooms as food
  • how to test your mushroom product for the presence of starch
  • why polysaccharides tests are completely meaningless
  • the economics around mushroom growing and why U.S. companies can’t grow mushrooms for use in supplements

Full show notes, audio and video.