What’s the difference between mushroom, mycelium and mycelium on grain?

Watch the video above where Jeff describes the following:

  • the life cycle of a basidiomycete organism (commonly called a mushroom)
  • the difference between mushroom and mycelium
  • how mycelium is used to create grain spawn, which is “seed” for mushroom growing
  • what grain spawn actually looks like
  • how medicinal mushroom and pure mycelium research is being used to support the sale of grain spawn
  • the industrial process for making grain spawn
  • how grain spawn is grown in a completely sterile environment, nothing close to natural conditions
  • why there is very little mycelium in grain spawn
  • how companies are taking grain spawn and selling it as a “mushroom” product

Buyer beware: Grain spawn is commonly referred to as mycelium, or mycelium biomass by the companies that sell it as a health product.

Grain spawn is not mushroom and definitely not a genuine medicinal mushroom product.